Week 9 Day 3

Today was pretty fun. We got done with production for our last film. This will probably be the last time that I blog. Byee

Week 7 Day 2

We wrote our script today. It was hard because I didn’t think of a story, I just thought of an idea. So it was hard to quickly think of an ending and to think of what the character are saying/doing. I am not really proud of my story because it’s mostly just talking and not that much action. My story has no point, it’s boring.


week 7 day 1

Today, we have to take our idea and write it into a script. I took so long and I haven’t even finished yet. If only….


Week 7 Day 4

Today required a lot of thinking. We had to think of a interesting story that will make sense and will match the location that we have right now. We was thinking about a murder mystery but idk…

Week 7 Day 2

We finally finished production. It was a busy day. I think today went pretty good. i also just found out that we had access to the game room too…


Week 7 day 1

We shot a horror film today. I had to have makeup on cause I was one of the ghost. The make up looked pretty good.

Week 6 Day 4

We had to pick a story that we like and add on to it. We had to make our story more interesting and unique. It was pretty hard…..

week 5 day 2

Today, my team and I wrote story lines for our film. Although the feedback we got wasn’t what we wanted, we took that feedback and try to fix our mistakes and issues instead.