Week 8 Day 3 Step-up

Today, we went to MOA. I didn’t eat breakfast today and I did NOT buy any food at MOA because we didn’t have enough time. My group and I decided to bowl instead of getting food. Ahh good times.

From the guy who is bad at bowling,



Week 8 Day 2 Step-up

Today my team have finished filming and editing our new video, Teenage Obesity. It is our longest and final film we have made, I’m not telling you how long it is because that’s too much work.

From the guy who Khalid thought is funny,



Step-up Week 8 Day 1

Today we finish scriptwriting and started record, but we barely got anything recorded since Adull almost died and needed to rest. At least we got one scene done though.

From the guy who has a necklace,



Step-up Week 7 Day 2

  • We went canoeing today and learn about what will happen in the upcoming years. I also ate 5 sandwiches. That’s it

From the guy who was wearing orange,



Week 7 Day 1

Today, we have finish filming and editing out movie, 100% Water. We faced off against the other team and took our first L. They had better everything from what I saw, but the next one we be a W.

From the guy who has cancer,



Step-up Week 6 Day 2

Today, we have finish our third film and took our third dub. We have also finished our script writing for our next film. It’ll be a advertisement and totally not a scam.

From the guy who did stuff,



Step-up Week 6 Day 1

Today we have finished the production of our film, Story Time. It was a lot of work just to get one scene and I kept screaming on some scenes and stopped all of a sudden. After reviewing the film, I think we are going to lose to the other team 😬.


Step-up Week 5 Day 3

Today, we finished writing the script and started recording the video, which we called story time. When we were recording the video, we couldn’t get the second scene done because me and J.J. both got scared from acting in a scene. We knew what was coming, but we got scared anyways.


Week 5 Day 2 Step-up

Today we have finish our film called Bully (Gone Wrong) and have started writing our next film. I don’t have an idea for our next film but one will pop up soon I hope.

From the guy who is tired



Week 5 Day 1 Step-up

Today we got done with the production of our movie and the other team has finished their production of their movie. We struggled to finish it but we got it done. Tomorrow we’ll have to be done with the editing and the writing of our next movie.