Step-Up Week 9 Day 1

I think that this internship was educational and a good way to earn money this summer. We got to learn how to use filming equiptment and we worked together as a team to make our films. I think that it was a nice change from doing nothing over the summer. I’d like to work with Step-Up again next year for another internship and learn something new.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 3

Everyone went to the Mall of America today. We took a Blue Line light rail to get there. It was very comfortable. We had a presentation given to us about the history of the mall and it was interesting. I learned things I didn’t know before. After the presentation, we were free to do whatever we want. I paired up with Kashia and we went to a few stores and then got some ice cream. Then we went to the spot to meet up with everyone and we got on another Blue Line and went back downtown. We had to wait about 20 minutes for the bus to come and take us back. It was hot out but we were fine. That’s it for today.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 2

My team just finished editing the final video this morning. I don’t like it that much but it could be worse. We ended up watching vines in the editing room for a while afterward. We ended up leaving the room because the other team needed it. We went back to the big room and watched a video while Chou explained the angles and lighting in it. I think that I fell asleep through part of it because I don’t remember most of what he said. Chou ended up waking all of us up and taking us outside to play a game. It was a game where there would be two teams and one team would have to stay on lines and make sure that the other team doesn’t cross to the other side. It was fun but my team ended up loosing. We went back inside and watched another film. That’s all we did today.


Step-Up Week 8 Day 1

For a few weeks now, my team has been struggling with a story for the cultural exercise theme. We have filmed for multiple stories and didn’t get it figured out until today. we finally filmed and edited a film for the theme. I am honestly disappointed with it though. It doesn’t make much sense at all and it seems rushed. We got exhausted and unmotiavted very easily for this film. I hope it turns out okay in the end.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 2

Today was very fun. All of us went to canoe on the Mississippi River. We went all the way to boom island. My boat was competing with the others for first place. We ended up going back and fourth between forth place and third place with one of the teams for a while. When all of the canoes stopped together to take a break, my team pulled ahead and we were at second place for the rest of the trip. Once we reached Boom Island, everyone gathered together and listened to some people talk about a new port that’s going to be built on 26th Avenue. I like that they’re building a port because people will have a place to fish or just hang out by the water.


Step-Up Week 7 Day 1

For me, today was stressful. My team is doing a very complicated film. Each of us has to learn two dances in only a few days. None of us really had time to do it over our time off so we were working on everything all day. I was able to get my two dances down in about an hour. It surprised me but we are pressured for time so it was a good thing. We also did some of the filming today. I think we made great progress.


Step-Up Week 6 Day 2

My team finally has a story for the cultural exercise. It has to do with dance and music from different cultures. I think that it’s good and we will get some actual exercise out of it. We started practicing the things that will be in the film and we got most of it down. I’ll leave the rest as a surprise.


Step-Up Week 6 Day 1

My team had a discussion about what we should do for the cultural games theme. We decided to do a comedy with blight horror about a game of hide and seek. After some filming, we decided that it was too messy and we scrapped the idea. We decided to discuss more ideas. We decided to film parts for an instructional video about football to see if we’d like it. After some of that filming, we got off track a bit and started filming each other catching the football. We might use it as footage in the football film if we decide to go through with it. That’s all.


Step-Up Week 5 Day 3

My team didn’t do much today. We finished filming our video about culture medicine and we finished editing. For the rest of the day, we had down time and my team was outside. It was irritating to be out there because the sun was bright and burning and many bugs were around. Today was boring


Step-Up Week 5 Day 2

We went to a job fair today. It was okay but I was bored. I liked that some of the tables had bowls of candy. The table about the money was very interesting. The representative told me about how to spot counterfeit money. I learned that there are different security features on each bill that people can look for to check if it’s counterfeit. After the fair, we went back to work and my team started filming for another film. This new film will be about the main character and their addiction to Vick’s Vapor Rub. It’ll be very funny.