Step up week 8 day 2

Today we managed to finish our filming and editing. We could’ve done better but this is good enough in my opinion. Especially with the limited time available.



Step up week 8 day 1

Today we barely got anything done before someone almost went out of commission. We gave him some water and right now he’s still resting.


Week 7 day 2

Today we went canoeing. The trip was long but it was fun over all. I stood on the canoe, and stretched. I learned that they were gonna build a pier.



Stepup week 6 day 2

Today we finished editing our film and we won again against the other team. We’re 3-0 against them which is good. They’re doing their movies too fast, this time we couldn’t understand the ending.



Step up week 6 day 1

Today we finished our cannibal video and are now editing it. I like how it is turning out. We’re doing a first person pov video.


Step up week 5 day 3

Today we worked on a new film. A horror film about a cannibal. In one of the scene the cannibal was found in a closet eating and while we were on it, the guys that were suppose to find the cannibal got scared of the scene even though they knew that was part of the scene and it was happening. One of them curl up into a ball by the side of a door.


Step up Week 5 day 1

Today we worked again on another film and we finished filming it on the same day for the first time. I’m now in charge of editing, and I was again the camera man. Editing should be fine I guess.


Stepup week 4 day 3

Today we watched train to Busan and chou taught us how they framed the scenes and we also played hide and seek. It was pretty fun, and we’re planning on making a film about a serial killer.



week 4 day 1

Today we finished our film, both team, watched each other’s film and chou agreed that team titan won because our audio was better. Though I honestly thought that their film was better than ours. Who knows it may be because I’ve watched our film a hundred times while we were editing.