Step-Up Week 9 Day 3

Today  I finished my project and organized all my groups since its the last day i had fun on computers this summer i like this job and hope to get one like this next summer. I had fun this summer other staff members were nice and in general i had so much fun Step-Up is a nice place to get a job so I suggest it and I am out peace:).


Step-Up Week 8 Day 4

It was not that fun it was quiet boring if u ask me cause I was just in the van the whole time unless we were taking pictures as a group. We weren’t doing stenciling like the other times therewere just like


Step-Up Week 8 Day 3

We went canoeing and it was very fun. I never went canoeing before so it was really fun but it was raining so it was kinda bad maybe for some people but that actually made it more fun.




International Youth Day 2017

Today was a nice day. I met someone from another country and he was very cool and chill. I asked him questions and he replied the same way by asking me questions. After I asked him a question he said “how is here?”. I said “It is nice to be here with people that accept you the way you are and let you be you.”. I learned a lot of experience that were kinda like the same as me and  there


Step-Up Week 4 Day 4

It was like a usual Saturday the only thing that changed was that we were assigned a diferent group but it was still like a normal Saturday it was chill.


Step-Up Week 5 Day 1

Today was a normal day here in AMA we went walking today so that wasn’t that bad because we didn’t go for a walk in a bit.