Week 8, Day 3

Today was nerve wrecking cause we gotta read our script but it wasn’t that bad. I didn’t expect to get any votes on my script but to my surprise, I did. I’m excited for the Generation Z event that’s coming up.


Week 8, Day 2

I finally finished typing my script. It’s not as detailed and there’s a lot of dialouges but it seems good enough for me. I still don’t want to read my script out loud to everybody.


Week 8, Day 1

I’ve never knew how hard it is to sit down and think of a story. It took longer than an hour for me to actually think of a solid story. I hope we can portray the chosen story nicely. I don’t want to read my script.


Week 7, Day 4

Today was okay. I really hope for pre-production to progress more quickly. Today went by fast.


Week 7, Day 3

Today was better than yesterday. We finished production and now continuing the editing process of yesterday. We tried using different shots of angles and using the reflector to its best.


Week 7, Day 2

Todays filming was decent. There were a couple of quarrels but we did our best to solve it. I hope to never act again.


Week 6, Day 4

In the beginning when we started discussing about the storyline, we were getting no where. It was kinda frustrating but then we started getting ideas soon after that. As more time goes by and we were able to use the computer room, we all created a better script than the one before. There were a lot of changes but I had fun typing what each members think should happen. It was very fun today. I really want to win this one but we’ll see.


Week 6, day 3

Today, we practiced typing scripts and did eventually typed our own. Nothing much was coming to mind which makes it harder to type. Something I wish will improve is Bobby’s positivity and everyone’s creativity. I hope to finish my script soon.


Week 6, Day 1

We did pre-production today for the substance abuse theme. Max is editing the previous video. I don’t have much to do today. Just talked to Madison most of the time.