Step-up week 8 day2

I started a new substance abuse postcard to day and I like it way better than the first one. It was really fun to work on it.


International Youth Day 2017

Today is international youth day. I have a lot of experiences with different cultures because most of my friends are immigrants or children of immigrants. One of my friends, Ashina, is from in India. She is an amazing dancer. She preforms traditional Indian dances in front of huge audiences ( I have a terrible memory so I can’t remember the name of it) and makes it look effortless. She wear the most beautiful, elaborate outfits and jewelry. I She tried to teach me how to do it, but I just couldn’t. I learned the most cultures have aspect that take a long time to learn. It takes training and practice.


I was productive today.I finished the project for B.A.L.L. I played with color. I learned more about making a newsletter.


Step-up week 2 Day 2

I continued with the project. I took me a long time to know what I was going to, but once I came up with an idea it was fun. I learned how to cut things out in photoshop which was really helpful.


Step-up Week 1 Day 3

Saturday was interesting. It not very me to go around and get people to sign up for things. It is definitely a skill I need to brush up on.


Step-up week 2 day 1

I was put in the graphic design group. I got to learn how to make a logo in illustrator. I also started the project for this week. Today was full of learning (which i enjoyed).


step-up week 1 day 2

Today was much more interesting. I liked the games that we played. I got to know a lot more people. Overall, I feel like I learned many things about having a culture and how to handle money.