Kevin Anti-Racism

This week, we learned about signs of racism as well of ways to counter it.

It is time to take action and end the spread of hate through racism.



By: Joshua Tou Yeng Yang

I live in this world ruled by race,

But I see tears of my people,

Tears of the Hmong,

The tears of the young crying for their moms.

The discrimination for the sad stories our parents told us about the Vietnam War,

Being the blame why the U.S. lost the War.

Being mistaken everywhere we go,

Being call Chinese,

Being call chink,

It hurts my heart and my soul.


Maybe one day the Hmong people will find hope.

Until then our people will face this discrimination.


Just be you

Every where I go
Every where I look
I always see
All group
With only one race
Has so much hate
On each other
Never see
Any peace
In this world
It’s always got to be
White on that side
Black over that side
Asian on that side
And the other
Got to be on some other side
No love
Just hate
No hug
Because of different race
No tears
Because no one care
Just death
Because everyone want to be on the top
Don’t try to be stupid
Being races
On your own kind
And on others
Because you never
Went through the things
That they already went through
It’s just your point of view
Not theirs
Show some love
Show some respect
Then you’ll understand
Their race and culture
And they will too learn
Something from you
Become one group
Don’t be races like other crews
Just be you
Then you’ll understand the truth

– William