Euphoria…but at what cost?

Teenage drug abuse has historically been glamorized in the media as high-status, fun, and rebellious. Teens tend to feel like they gain freedom and social value by using illicit drugs. However, many TV shows and movies fail to accurately show the devastating effects of drug use — such as addiction, damaged relationships, decreased focus, high expenses, and overdose.

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Tele’s Recovery Story

“I have been able to accomplish a lot in my recovery,” says Tele, who has been in recovery for four years after starting to misuse prescription opioids at age 13. “I just want to be happy. And I want to thrive in my life.”

Tele shared with the CDC that in high school, he struggled with anxiety and depression despite being well-liked, athletic, and high-achieving in school. He turned to prescription opioids and eventually heroin for the “numbing effect” of the drugs. After getting arrested for driving while impaired, he sought treatment for his addiction and hopes that he can help reduce the stigma surrounding opioid use disorder.

Posted by Yanyan