Memory of Alcohol

When I was younger my father would sometimes drink Budweiser or wine just to have something to do instead of sitting all day. My oldest brother and a few of my sisters would form a semicircle around my father and watch him chug down a cup. He wasn’t addicted or anything of that nature. He was just a father who wanted to imitate the drunkards on T.V. that we often saw.

He would sometimes offer us a sip or two, not to get us addicted, but to see the silly expressions we made in response to the bitterness of Budweiser. My older brother, being the daring one, would usually take in half a can of beer before pulling away. My older sisters, however, took a sip and pulled away as quickly as the bitterness swam across their taste buds. I, on the other hand, took in a whole mouthful before giving in and declaring my brother the winner.

As we grew up the memory of the bitterness of the can of beer taught me to stay away from alcohol.

– Anonymous