First Day at Step-Up summer Job

My feedback from today is, I liked what we did today, I love it how in the morning we got on a 15 min walk around the park with the group, and I also like the way they did it after lunch too, makes me feel for refreshed. Today during Step-Up, I was introduced into Graphic Designing, it’s an interesting topic to go over. The way you can put stuff together to make one big imagine is amusing. Even tho I was a bit tired in the afternoon , overall I really enjoyed my first day on my Step-Up summer Job.


Week 4 / Day 2

Today Me and my group named Patatos filmed our film and after we were done we looked through all of the clips and put the ones that we did not want into a extra folder. We also screen printed the ball logos on shirts to keep and took a group photo with all of us wearing it.

There was a funny picture where we all made a funny face.