Kevin Anti-Racism

This week, we learned about signs of racism as well of ways to counter it.

It is time to take action and end the spread of hate through racism.


Kevin Gambling Addiction

This week, we learned about the warning signs of problem gambling. Gambling takes the form of many normal day activities we partake in such as online gaming. We also learned about some of the risks that come with problem gambling.

If you know anyone who is a gambles unhealthily, make sure they get the help they need.


Kevin All of Us Research Program

This week, we learned about the All of Us Research Programs and what they do.

Most medicine is one-fit-all. Since everyone is a little different, one-fit-all medicine is not very effective for everyone. By joining All of Us, you can help the research and development of precision medicine that can benefit more people.


210702 Tony Bicultural Living

This week we learned the importance of accepting our two cultures and being able to live healthily with them. I made two comics – one 4 panel and one 6 panel – to show what I’ve learned.

In addition, I also made an Animaker animation on Bicultural Healthy Living that you can check out here


Kevin Bicultural Healthy Living Comics

This week, we learned about what Bicultural Healthy Living is as well as some examples of how it is done in our daily lives. These are some comics about Bicultural Healthy Living.

Bicultural Healthy Living is when a person can bridge two or more cultures and celebrate them in a healthy manner. It can be a simple combination of multiple cultures. Whatever the case, it is always ok to celebrate your different cultures.


210625 Tony Vaping

This week we learned about the harm that vaping causes to our body.

It’s also just as addicting as a cigarette, due to the nicotine found in vapes.