What I Learned Today


Today i learned that every second 333 people die fro tobacco. In my research on my future job i learned that the average actress make around $52,000 a year and the big time actress like sofia Verara makes up to $215Million for a movie and T.V show.

What I Learned Today


Alexis ALllen#13today i leaned that the alcohol industry makes roughly around $90 billion a year in america alone. Also 1.4 million people from ages 12-20 say they have taken part in heavy drinking. the average person drinks about 556 drinks a year in america.

What I Did Today


Today what I did was I made a post card using the fruits that the other team drew I had a lot of fun coming up and creating things to do with the things they drew. Overall today was a good day and I had a lot of fun making my post card.

My time at AMA


I learned that 5.8 million people are killed a year due to violent actions . I also learned that around 521,196 people are arrested a year for violent crimes. some of the many skills that I learned from this job over the summer are how to take images that are not copy right from pages so that I can use them for my post cards. One of the best memories I have from this summer job was that the little girl Chanel was so attached to me when she first met me and we had so much fun at the farmers market and at MOA. If I was able to do this job next year I wouldn’t because I would want to try new things. But any other time yes in would want to come back and join the team again. In the future I would say give the interns more freedom.

Final Blog.


Thursday, August 13th we practiced our slideshow/presentation we are going to present tomorrow.

First Day at Step-Up summer Job


My feedback from today is, I liked what we did today, I love it how in the morning we got on a 15 min walk around the park with the group, and I also like the way they did it after lunch too, makes me feel for refreshed. Today during Step-Up, I was introduced into Graphic Designing, it’s an interesting topic to go over. The way you can put stuff together to make one big imagine is amusing. Even tho I was a bit tired in the afternoon , overall I really enjoyed my first day on my Step-Up summer Job.

Second day of step up


Today, I learned how to knock on doors, photoshop, and the steps of filming. It was fun photoshopping but it was to hard so I hate it for a moment but I think it’s cool. I never knew that you can only knock twice or three time when knocking. I hate that you can only knock twice or three time cause at home I knock until they open the door. It was kind of boring listening to the presentation but I learned from it. It was okay listening to the steps of filming but theres too much steps to do, but overall the outcome is great but it just take a lot of times.