Week 7 Day 2


We wrote our script today. It was hard because I didn’t think of a story, I just thought of an idea. So it was hard to quickly think of an ending and to think of what the character are saying/doing. I am not really proud of my story because it’s mostly just talking and not that much action. My story has no point, it’s boring.

week8 day2


today was a little boring because it just taping on the keyboards.I think the story is alright i can’t say u guys will like it but yeah.

Week 8 Day 2


Today we worked on our scripts. I finished mine, it’s only 6 pages long, and I tried my best with it, I think it’s an okay script. Lunch was also pretty good today.

Week 8, Day 2


I finally finished typing my script. It’s not as detailed and there’s a lot of dialouges but it seems good enough for me. I still don’t want to read my script out loud to everybody.

week 8 day 1


today was not a fun day at all all we did was review and write

lifeless ,boring , not fun

week 7 day 1


Today, we have to take our idea and write it into a script. I took so long and I haven’t even finished yet. If only….

Week 8 Day 1


Today was kind of hard, because I didn’t have a set story so I struggled with writing a story I thought could be interesting. When we talked about our ideas with Chou, I liked other people’s ideas a lot more. Hopefully I can make my script decent and finish it tomorrow.

StepUp19: Week 8 Day 1


Today was okay, I don’t mind writing scripts but I always have the urge to write more into detail. I’d be better off writing novels. The biggest thing I had in mind while writing my script was coming up with stuff that could happen with what we have and what we can do. I don’t care if we end up using my script or not, I’d rather we don’t use mine because I don’t like being director, but if my script does get chosen I’ll try my best to do a better job.

week8 day1


today was boring to much taping on the the keys.also it was a little fun not really just try to make this a little bit longer because i have nothing to write more.

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Week 8, Day 1


I’ve never knew how hard it is to sit down and think of a story. It took longer than an hour for me to actually think of a solid story. I hope we can portray the chosen story nicely. I don’t want to read my script.