My First Job

My first job experience was at a radio station called Jazz 88 KBEM FM, located in my school on the lower floor of North High’s locker room. I was one of the people who helped the D.J. get his CDs in time, because it was important to play the right song at the right time. I helped with a lot of the editing, changing CDs, and picking CDs. This wasn’t actually a real job, though, since it was part of my High School Small Learning Community (SLC).

I helped out a lot at KBEM. In class at the radio station, they taught me the facts about what the listener wanted to hear, and why they wanted to hear it. This job was a good way to spend that one hour part of my school day. It was a great experience and made me wonder what other kinds of jobs I could do in the future. I could be a cop, a lawyer, a paralegal, or a guy flipping burgers at a restaurant.

It was a lot of work, but at least it was a job. Not only did I enjoy the job, I received good pay out of it, too. I also saved a lot of money over the summer. Overall it was a great experience.






by Josh

• Oral Sex Is Not Safe Sex
• Oral sex involves giving or receiving pleasure from sucking or licking.
• Most of the time one partners either you or your partner is infected with HIV before knowing.
• All sexual activity carries some risk of HIV.
•The only ways in sex to keep you and your partner safe in not having the fluid touch you or your partner.

• East, South East, and South Asia has the second highest number of people infected with HIV/AIDS.
• In East, South East, and South Asia these people represent 15% of the global burden.
• Almost 90% of people infected with Aids in Southern Asia lives in China.
•In East Asia in 2007 estimating nearly 92,000 people were newly infected with AIDS and almost 32,000 die having AIDS.

• In the past 25 years, cases show about 25 million people have died from AIDS.
•HIV/AIDS causes victims to have premature death, often times affecting the lives of others around them.

• Condom is not 100% protective.
•Condoms must be use correctly to work protectively.

• Refugees are easy victims of sexual violence and abuse.
• In war people rape people who they consider is an enemy.
•Rape and sexual violence does not end even when women and children reach refugee camps.