My First Job

My first work experience was at the YWCA. In this program we watched little kids and helped them out with their homework. Every Monday and Wednesday we watch the kids at City-view. Tuesdays and Thursdays we went to Olson Middle School.

It was a fun experience, but it was also a frightening experience since I didn’t know anyone. To make things easier for me, I hung out with the kids more and got to know them better. Soon others like the elders started talking to me.

By the time I quit I had a lot of friends and a lot of free time. With the friends I made while working with the Y, we made a lot of mini videos. So my first work experience wasn’t bad or good—it was okay.



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  1. umm nice story about your job lol…nope but not too be funny ihad a summer job inever knew about and iknoiw it sounds stupid when you first read it but anyways ifinally looked on my yahoo e-mail and it said istarted on the 4th of november haha.-“””Lil Trey’s Fact


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