Step-up Work

Today we came back to work like usual, In the morning it was cool like the temperature was just about right. In the afternoon when we go on our walks it is hot like I don’t know if it is just me or something because I am also wearing this light sweater too so yeah. We didn’t really do much today for my opinion, We learned about Storytelling. What I learn from the Storytelling presentation by our supervisor Chou is that there are 3 rules to it. The rules are Beginning, Middle, End, I already know these things but I think I learned a bit more information about it today thanks to Chou.

We then switch over to our other supervisor William, he is the more calmer one to be honest. We looked at some of the works and projects from last year for the Bi-culture Active Living Lifestyle. The work that the Step-up Interns did last year was alright I guess. We then did a word projects using the Complete Street word tab from the BALL website. Everybody made like different design using the same word for the Complete Street thing. For me I use the bike route sign for my word project in TAGUL.COM.


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