Step-Up Week 4 Day 1

Today my favorite part of making a film happened, production.  Today was the time we had to film, which means everything had to be done quickly. I enjoy having a short deadline because it makes everyone focused and I find it exhilarating. My job was cameraman, co-director, and an extra if needed. I was comfortable in these positions  , though next film I hope to do something that I’m more clueless about. After a long day of rapid rounds of “Quiet on set! Camera! Action! Cut!”, our group final got to “That’s a wrap!”.  From what was captured today I have no doubt that the footage will come out well for our group’s very first short film.


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  1. It sounds like you enjoyed yourself and it seems as if you were in a group all by yourself, if you ever need help feel free to ask your group members. Overall hope you enjoy to edit very soon. 🙂


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