Step up Week 1 Day 1

The first day of my Step-Up internship was quite a let down if anything I expected graphic design/ video instruction on how to do what would be our jobs but all I got was childish teambuilding exercises, getting stuck with middle schoolers, and some pretty good pizza WHICH I guess evens it out in the end. While the first day wasnt what I hoped it would be I hope the following days will involve actual work.


2 Replies to “Step up Week 1 Day 1”

  1. I feel bad that you felt that way but, thanks for being honest and being descriptive. We will take those suggestions to consideration.

  2. I’m sorry to know that the day was kind of a let down but, it will get better typically orientations are boring well at least to me but the icebreakers are needed so that you can learn your peers. Hopefully you can get over the fact that they finished middle school.


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