Step-Up week 2 day 2

Today was a great day William was showing us some of the work that AMA did last year and one of the postcards inspired me to make this. Thanks to that postcard I am closer to finishing my postcard for this weeks theme. Just to mention we were kicked out of the computer lab, and had a whole hour of down time. It was a nice break, and no complaints here. I just hope everyone within my team has enough time to finish their postcards for this week. I hope everyone had a good day, I know Will did not.

p.s Everyone please wish that William has a good day tomorrow ^^

Everyone have a good day, and I hope to see everyone tomorrow.

-Steven Lee


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  1. I love the outcome of your postcard! It’s funny how someone’s work can reflect art in our minds, isn’t it? I think downtime is always needed when your sitting and working most of your time to relax and not always focus on one thing. I wish you and your team luck on their postcards Steven! Have a good work time.


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