STEP-UP Week 2 Day 2

Today we worked on our BALL projects and I’ve basically finished mine. We took two walks and we played a group game. Our lunch was late today but I guess it was okay. Today was good, I’m still pretty lost with Photoshop to be honest but it’s okay.




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  1. Did your BALL project turn out how you wanted it to? It seemed to be easy by how early you finished it. About the group game, what activity did you do and did you enjoy it? I completely agree with your mood for how late lunch can be (disappointed but not surprised) it’s honestly something I’m getting used to. From my knowledge on Photoshop you probably are learning (or already know) nore then me, certain skills are hard when you don’t really understand whats going on but I’m sure you’ll get a hang on it don’t give up!


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