Step Up Week 2- Day 2

Today our day was the same as yesterday. We went on our morning walk half way around the gold course. We came in and split up into our groups and we worked on our “Keep It Fresh” rap and we were introduced to a new rap we have to write about healthy living and we each have to write and put our own verse into a video. Thats kind of had because I cant really write music but I love music so thats the funny part about it. We worked with Victoria from 9:30 until about 11:45. After working with Victoria we went to set up for lunch and and we waited on nezib for a long time, and then when he finally got here we had to wait on him again because he forgot the plates, cups, and silverware. The food could have been better today in my opinion, I didn’t like the pasta and my chicken was still pink in the inside but after lunch we cleaned up and took the trash out. After lunch we talked about the E-news letter and the content we were going to put in it and then we blogged and commented on blogs also.We practiced our “Keep It fresh” rap after Victoria left and eventually it was time to go so we left.


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