step up week 2 day 5

I dislike today because this morning, was SUPER boring. plus, the lunch was VERY late. so I’m upset. we basically wasted too much time for nothing. And this morning, we making a rap but I do not know why. I dislike rapping in the 8th grade. but still, I don’t mind. the only critique is to make sure to bring in the necessary stuff for lunch and be on time. plus, try not to waste time on one thing please. thank you. I give this, 4/10.


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  1. Turn that frown upside down. Let’s try to find more positive aspects of downtime and late lunches. How often do you get the opportunity to be paid for doing nothing? Personally, I welcome the opportunity to be bored AND get paid for it. You will not always enjoy every part of your job, but you will still have to do it. For example, I was asked to remove my group from the computer lab, they got an additional hour of downtime paid and I didn’t hear any complaints (YET), and then I had to have a meeting with some important funders from the city AND I only had 2 minutes notice that I would be the only person in the meeting AND I had no information about what the meeting was about. Basically, just remember that no matter how bad or boring your day was, William’s was 100% worse. Have a great day!


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