Step-Up week 2 day 3

This is the final product of the postcard for this weeks theme. This is the meaning behind my postcard. Today was a great day.

The soil is rich and that is the start of everything basically. If you are living a bicultural lifestyle then where you started from is rich with knowledge and experiences(A flower starts in the soil.) Everything starts with your parents who care for you and hold you until you are grown(People care for the flower that it can grow.) Raising someone who belongs to more than one culture will be an imperfect upbringing, but in the end, they will be a special one of a kind person with many different sides to them(Thus the different looking petals), and they will have many experiences of two or more worlds. (There is more than one kind of pictures in the flower petals.)

Soil- Your parents, your origin.
Hands – The care is given to you by your parents/people around you to raise you up to live the way you are right now.
Petals- The many different things that BALL is about. The experiences one can have.
BALL- Ties everything together, for it is Bicultural Active Living Lifestyle, and everything in the petals can relate to BALL.

I wish everyone the best weekend and hope that everyone stays safe.

-Steven Lee


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