Step-Up Week 5 Day 1

Today for Graphic design we worked on our Cultural Stories Postcards, which has to be the hardest one to come up with an idea for. Today was an pretty slow day beginning about 3:00 after a majority of our work had been finished. Today we had part of the video team try and take a shot for some scene in the computer lab and William (Philliam) decided to show us some of his metal favorites at the exact same time “what a co-incidence.” The professional development thing I attended on Wednesday wasn’t very interesting it mostly went over safety and workers rights which were pretty obvious and well known. The only good things that came out of it is that we got 0.5 points of High school credit, as well as a comfy T-shirt out of the ordeal. Overall today was a good day. (The country in the image below is Mali.)


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