Black and White

Written by Keng Thao.

I decided to title it as Black and White because in the image you can see is a shape filled with black, with a white background and the opposite of the other shape is filled with white and a black background. I moved the lines around because I wanted it to make it seem like one was speaking from side to other and where yin and yang are separated to create that balance. The shape represents people. I wanted to use the picture and explain that in a person, we all are filled with darkness and light, but it’s our choice on how much we are willing to be consumed by good and evil. Together with having another color of gray, I found there could be a balance. With balance one will help lift up the other. Just as in evil there’s good and in good there’s evil. I found this to be meaningful because I felt like in times when we think bad about ourselves, we don’t seem to realize how much good we have inside of us. What I found surprising was how much I was able to use the colors of black and white to portray it in a person. I had a hard time thinking about what I could use it for, but reflecting back on myself, I noticed I am also a person who struggles to balance. With the line “In the split of time, one will be consumed” means that eventually one will take over and it will be something that you don’t want to be either inside or outside of you.  With the last line, I wanted to end it with  a good message and in the sense of saying we are given the choice to make use of something and with the colors black and white, it’s the same of either having it dark the whole time or find a way to turn it up brighter. 

I hope you all take away something from this and continue to stay positive.


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