StepUp 2020- First week

This past week has been an interesting experience that varied from day-to-day. It was new and confusing at first and admittedly even a bit now, but as the week progressed it became easier. This year’s internship structure is really different from what was planned earlier this year because of the pandemic, and the way we communicate through zoom rather than face to face. That itself presents its one challenges but I can tell that everyone is trying their best to help make this experience as smooth and beneficial as possible. Learning to use tools like Animaker and Storybird did take some practice along with trial and error but I was able to create some pieces that I am proud of. –Salma Hashi


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  1. Salma,

    First day can always be overwhelming, but I hope that we can work together to make things more clear, simple, and easy to understand. I know you will create so many things you will be proud showing off



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