The Cameron Boyce Foundation

Cameron Boyce was an actor and dancer formerly known for his roles of “Luke Ross” on the Disney Channel hit television show, “Jessie”, as well as “Carlos” on the Disney Channel movie, “Disney Descendants”. On July 6th, 2019, Boyce passed away due to an epileptic seizure. Though his friends, family, and supporters were devastated by his passing, they all remained hopeful knowing that his legacy would live on.

Outside of acting and dancing, Boyce was a young philanthropist. He constantly tried to help as many people through his work whether it be building programs for inner-city kids or providing clear water for third-world countries. In honor of his legacy, his family and closest friends started The Cameron Boyce Foundation. The foundation helps build programs across multiple needs/necessities. The last project that Boyce was working on was one that aimed for ending gun violence. It was called, “Wielding Peace”; a social media campaign that represented survivors and supporters “wielding” a weapon of unity. Through the Cameron Boyce Foundation, they continue to work on ending gun violence by partnering with Inner City Arts and providing workshops to help students focus on choosing peace through different artistic outlets. They also partner with agencies to help change gun laws and increase voter registration.

Although the foundation has other projects as well I wanted to write about ending gun violence specifically. Deaths caused by guns violence (including accidental situations) have spiked in the U.S. Everyday, more and more citizens gain easier access to guns which results to gun violent situations. This includes mass shootings, school shootings, murders/ murder suicides, and gang violence. I believe that by supporting the youth and teaching them about gun violence can help prevent higher gun violence spikes in the future.

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