step up week 2 day 4

Today was a very interesting. First, we made shirts, second, the food was so good that I manage to get thirds. also, there was a lot of leftovers. the only complaint I have is the interview. one group didn’t show up as the other group did. but I’ll give this, 9/10. ._.


step up week 1 day 3

today was very confusing for me but I dealt with confusing things. for example, today and the meeting. it looks like that I was participating well, but I was still confused. I am that type of person who get off track easily. but today was pretty good. I give this, 7/10. <-_->


step-up week 1, day 2

gotta be honest, today I was very tired because I didn’t get enough sleep. But that was my fault. My new group was meh, but at least we’re moving around. I certainly dislike the fact that we have to eat lunch last. But at the same time, we have to serve so that’s understandable. But the least favorite part of today is the B.A.L.L lesson. MY GOD, it was super boring. The lesson should’ve been fun if it wasn’t the fact that the lesson didn’t made us entertained.  But at least I learned about BI-culture.  For now on, I’m gonna give out rates through out the program. I’ll give this, 5/10. Not too bad but not too good…


Step-Up week 1 day 1

Today was my first day in step-up! I love it how they gonna teach us about finance  but make it more exciting by make it a game show. Also, they taught us not to slack off by showing a scary film they made. This is actually exciting because it’s not like school but instead, they actually made learning fun! I can’t wait till tomorrow to learn even more things! The only downside is I have to take a reading and a math test right off the bat for some reason and do a butt load of paper and those two combined made me tired. But in general, I felt entertained and I’m glad that I’m  here!