4th Day of Step Up

Today I learned how to use the recorder and record myself summarizing a story and my opinions on it. I also learned how the recorder functions. I hope to learn more.


4th Day of Step Up

For today, we all recorded a 3 minute session of our voice and story onto a microphone. We later then listened to our voices and made some of the advices of the adjustments that we’ll be making next time.


Second day of step up

Today, I learned how to knock on doors, photoshop, and the steps of filming. It was fun photoshopping but it was to hard so I hate it for a moment but I think it’s cool. I never knew that you can only knock twice or three time when knocking. I hate that you can only knock twice or three time cause at home I knock until they open the door. It was kind of boring listening to the presentation but I learned from it. It was okay listening to the steps of filming but theres too much steps to do, but overall the outcome is great but it just take a lot of times.


Bicultural Active Living life Styles

What me and my family we do that is very bicultural is that we eat a lot of Hmong stuff but use a lot of different sauce for our food and we exercise mainly after we eat our about 2 hours later.


Step-Up Day Four

sorry about not writing about day 3 but we really didn’t do anything that exciting to blog about, but today we started to learn how to record and we talked on the microphones and heard each other through our head phones so today was more exciting than day 3.


Pictures and Lighting

Today we learn the basic rules of lighting and how we can use it to make our film quality look better. Today was alright we didn’t do much today but we learn a lot about the features of lighting.