Wonder Why

I wonder,
I wonder,
Why sometimes we die
Why sometimes we cry
Why sometimes we lie
Why this fool i know is a puss why, why
Why we die in a world like this
Like a wise guy said you don’t need to put on make up
All you need to do is to take off that fake stuff
And you need is to wake up
So i wonder why
Why sometimes we die
Why sometimes we cry
Why sometimes we lie
Why we need to drink ourselves to deaf
All you need to do is take a deep breath
And let your pain go away
And start a new day
So i wonder why
Why sometimes we die
Why sometimes we cry
Why sometimes we lie
Why we judge other people before we even know them
Why we make them the bad guy and not the good guy
Because inside every angry person
There is a good person
So i wonder sometimes
Why sometimes we die
Why sometimes we cry
Why sometimes we lie
I just wonder, wonder why sometimes……

– Jeffrey, 14


The Ride

As I go, advancing through the night,
I will gallop, I will trot, I will ride,
Jumping up, like a baby bird, attempting flight,
Leaping over rocks and broken trees on their side,

The grounds, black, and the heavens, ablaze,
The war above raging with an inner fire,
My heart too fast a rhythm, my feet, crazed,
The evil behind be, pushing me higher,

The buring forest a sight to see,
I fear the thing that all things dread,
But with the fire almost catching me,
And the thing behind me that wants my head,

My efforts never good enough,
No time to say I have it hard.

– August


Just be you

Every where I go
Every where I look
I always see
All group
With only one race
Has so much hate
On each other
Never see
Any peace
In this world
It’s always got to be
White on that side
Black over that side
Asian on that side
And the other
Got to be on some other side
No love
Just hate
No hug
Because of different race
No tears
Because no one care
Just death
Because everyone want to be on the top
Don’t try to be stupid
Being races
On your own kind
And on others
Because you never
Went through the things
That they already went through
It’s just your point of view
Not theirs
Show some love
Show some respect
Then you’ll understand
Their race and culture
And they will too learn
Something from you
Become one group
Don’t be races like other crews
Just be you
Then you’ll understand the truth

– William



When I was born and came to be,
I came to this world and started to pee,
I started out young like everyone,
When I grew up and tried try my best,
My best to be better,
Better than everyone,
Everyone I knew,
I knew how to be better,
Better than my folks,
My folks who made me,
Made me who I am today,
Today I am the person I am,
Every single day,
Every single day trying to be better,
Better than myself,
Then I lost my mind,
I didn’t know what to do where to be how to see,
To see my way through the difficulties,
The difficulties of my life,
My life which I spend time,
Time to get better so I can pass school,
Pass school there is a gate,
A gate that tell you who you are,
You are what you wanted to be,
All you gotta do is make the right choice,
The choice to be who you want to be………………….

– Jeffrey


Do You Ever Wonder Why We're Here? (In life)

Sometimes when I wash the dishes, I think about why we are here.

I think about my life and if anyone has the same feelings I do. Sometimes I think this world is Mother Nature’s head and that we are the lice. The tree is her hair and when it snows its mother nature shampooing her head. Summer is when she is drying her hair. Just like the lice are in our hair, we die in the winter.

That is what I think of when I wonder about life. However, this is just one of my many imaginations when I think about why we are here, in life.

– Sophie