When I was born and came to be,
I came to this world and started to pee,
I started out young like everyone,
When I grew up and tried try my best,
My best to be better,
Better than everyone,
Everyone I knew,
I knew how to be better,
Better than my folks,
My folks who made me,
Made me who I am today,
Today I am the person I am,
Every single day,
Every single day trying to be better,
Better than myself,
Then I lost my mind,
I didn’t know what to do where to be how to see,
To see my way through the difficulties,
The difficulties of my life,
My life which I spend time,
Time to get better so I can pass school,
Pass school there is a gate,
A gate that tell you who you are,
You are what you wanted to be,
All you gotta do is make the right choice,
The choice to be who you want to be………………….

– Jeffrey


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