STEP-UP Week 4 Day 1

Today my team and I finished filming our first film. We started filming our second film and also finished shooting it. It was fun today because we went up to the roof and the shot up there and there were many funny moments. We also finished editing our secind film and it was nice.


STEP-UP Week 3 Day 2

Today we finished writing our next script. We started filming after, but the filming didn’ t go as smoothly. I hope we can finish shooting it quickly.


STEP-UP Week 3 Day 1 – Don’t Text

Today I make poster. It is about the dangers of many things, but mostly OMW. OMW means, ‘on my way’, which is an abbreviation used by serial texters. Abbreviations are used by people without time to text, which is common when driving, although not in Arizona, because there is no law against phone use while driving in Arizona. The statistics used on this flyer are mostly alternative facts, but not the one for texting while driving AKA distracted driving. Don’t text while driving, maybe you get hurt, maybe you hurt people or tree. Insurance money will not produce resurrection.


Step-Up Week 2 Day 2

Today, our video production team is wrapping up the finalization of our first film and also planning out our new film. I am excited about the new movie we will be creating


STEP-UP Week 2 Day 2

The director, assistant director, and I worked on editing the film all day. It was fun working with them and learning how to use the software. The assistant director and the director had some disagreements for the music that we were going to use. Their dispute was rather funny. We got most of the film done and we just have the ending left to edit. It was a nice day today.