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Body Image Poem


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A won’t to be


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A teen girl going crazy

crying  cuz s


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A bud


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Smoking In The Community

Young people smoke in the community because they might feel stressed and under pressure. It is hard to stop smoking because they get addicted. Once the user gets addicted to the nicotine found in the cigarette, it could take years to have the user “cured”. I actually don’t know a lot of people who smoke but the people who I do know who do aren’t close to me. I chose to be tobacco free because I know it can cause cancers of the body. I also causes a lot more health problems and can make you more stressed by causing high blood pressure. Also as my choice to live tobacco free I tell people that they shouldn’t smoke because it the long run smoking will eventually kill you.


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Happiness is…. when your smoke-free.

A true friend is… someone who doesn’t peer preasure you to smoke.

Think twice before.. cause someone their life from second hand smoke.

My advice is… to live longer you  have to  stay healthier.

You’ve got to.. stop second hand smoke.

If you wish… to live longer to see your grand kids stop smoking.

Healthy is suppose to…

Every Cloud… is like the amount you breathe out smoke.

Everything in life is easy if you… live longer so don’t smoke.

Grandma thinks… smoking is not good.

If things seem crazy… you need to stop what you are smoking.

The way to get rid of a problem is… not from smoking.

I just don’t understand why… people are still gonna smoke if they know it’s bad for you.

If you are tired of working.. go outside for fresh air and not nicotine.

When you get old… at  ages between 35-39, you can die from smoking.

If you feel like everything is going wrong, you should… take a stand and throw away that pack of ciggarettes.

If you feel like giving up you should… call the tobacco quit line.

When you get a boyfriend you shoud.. tell him to don’t smoke infront of you or stop smoking.

If you miss someone a lot, you can always, tell them to don’t smoking so you can see them more longer.

If you see a tornado coming… it’s like your life coming into an end from smoking.

If you want to be a winner, you need to…

If you want good advice you should… try joining tobacco support groups.

The great thing about getting old is.. living long tobacco free to see your grand kids.

Life is like…

Life’s up and downs are…

The best advice in life is…

HEALTH is not like..

No matter where you go…

Ok, get this straight…

The way to solve a problem is…

The one rule in life is….

The secret of success is..

Always remember…

When opportunity knocks…

When you miss somebody you should…

You know someone is your friend when…

You can always win if you just…

If you need to fix something, you should…

All you need in life is….

If things get you down you should…

The best way to stay out of trouble…. if you don’t smoke at a young age.

No matter what don’t forget… if you smoke, it can kill you.


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What did say about smokes?


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Tobacco sentence completion.


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