What I learned about HIV/AIDS

I learned a lot about HIV/AID. I learned that if you have unprotected sex you are at risk to get it. You can prevent getting HIV and Aids if you have protected sex and use a condom every time. You should also make


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one of the things i learned over the summer was how to work on sumo paint . Also were is the right place to take a picture. i also learned how to keep a job!.

to pick a job that i will enjoy doing. i plan on going to college for 4 years.



August 28th will come
feet will have their own shoes
thursday will come
pictures will be painted
the blink of an eye change changes everything


Voting Rights And the Afternoon

This morning with Michelle and voting was quite interesting. It was somewhat a refresher of when women got the right to vote and when African American’s got the right to vote. It was kinda sad though how even after African American’s got the right to vote, there was still discrimination for “blacks” voting.

Today in the afternoon session, it was quite hard thinking of a front cover name for our brochure but we got it after a while. Other group members were finding more info on rights and such. Still working on it but I look forward to finishing this soon or at least by deadline.


Todays reflection

I don’t come for the morning session so I really have no idea what happens  but i  did get a chance to get more than halfway done with my work.


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