True Man

Man or woman. What defines a person and who they really are? Is it the clothes they wear or is it their sexuality? Is being gay or straight different when both sides of the party search for one thing in common? Who’s to say a man can’t wear a dress without being criticized while walking down the street; who’s to say a woman can’t dress like a man?

Bob is a man in women’s clothing, but he is more of a man than anyone else. It’s not about being built or playing violent sports—it’s about what defines you and makes you happy. This man is a proud woman who could care less who stares at him. He yells, “Check me out!” I was shocked that a man who dressed so weirdly was brave enough to show his true form.

He believed that his self confidence started with himself, not others and what they thought of him.

– Pheng


Do You Ever Wonder Why We're Here? (In life)

Sometimes when I wash the dishes, I think about why we are here.

I think about my life and if anyone has the same feelings I do. Sometimes I think this world is Mother Nature’s head and that we are the lice. The tree is her hair and when it snows its mother nature shampooing her head. Summer is when she is drying her hair. Just like the lice are in our hair, we die in the winter.

That is what I think of when I wonder about life. However, this is just one of my many imaginations when I think about why we are here, in life.

– Sophie


Why Should I Remember?

Why should I remember?
Memories form the past?
They are long forgotten
For reasons, do not ask
They are ships, drowned and forgotten
Pain drowned in the sea
I’m an explosion waiting to happen
I am the pain in me
No more do I try to fight it
The pain is here to stay
Just hide it and deny it
Yet it grows stronger everyday
Lock it up, throw away the key
I am my pain and it is me.

– Paris


View of My Life with Drugs

This is the truth about our own people living in the projects
Fighting for territory G’s riding a car
Smoking too much
And drug addiction
We could never find peace with races

Gang Rich n poor
And the rest of the haters out there
Everyone going crazy
Just because of drugs in the communities
Smoking weed
Rolling E’s
Crytal meth
And the rest of the …drugs out there
But the worst drug of all is meth
Just one puff from it
You’ll be addicted to it
Always got to say no to drugs
It only makes you turn into a hater
We could never change a person
Only they could change themselves
I would’ve died a long time ago
But something’s keeping me alive
Making me try to tell the whole world about it
But I’m just too stupid to realize
That I got a gift
To show everyone
But back then I was too young that time
Try once never going to do it again
This is the truth
From the view of my eyes
This is no lies
Don’t try
Not even once in your life
Too many memories going through in my mind
Got to be tough now.

– William, 16