Blog by Zuag Kimberly Chang from the DNC

Zuag Kimberly Chang is a first generation Hmong American born and raised in the U.S. Her writing and community activism reflect her passion for innovative thinking and equal access to opportunity.  A 2006 graduate of the University of Minnesota, Chang intends to utilize her public speaking and writing as tools to promote and support progressive community endeavors.

Chang is one of fourteen journalists sponsored by New America Media to attend the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Denver, CO.  The journalists are from different publications across the nation, each of which is rooted in a specific cultural background.  These journalists come together to make up a delegation which truly represents the richness and diversity of culture in the U.S.  The journalists will attend the convention and outside events, and produce pieces that will appear in their publications, as well as on the New America Media website  The journalists are as follows:

1. Eduardo de Oliveira, New England Ethnic News (Boston, Mass.)
2. Randy Stelly, The Real Views (Baton Rouge, La.)
3. Erline Andrews, Caribbean Life (New York City, N.Y.)
4. Judith Martinez, Atlanta Latino (Atlanta, Ga.)
5. Cindy Yurth, The Navajo Times (Navajo, Ariz.)
6. Gregg Morris, The Word (Hunter College, N.Y.)
7. Jacqueline Fernandez, The Word (Hunter College, N.Y.)
8. Kisha Allison, The Word (Hunter College, N.Y.)
9. Jonathan Mena, The Word (Hunter College, N.Y.)
10. Kaiping Liu, The World Journal (San Francisco, Calif.)
11. Zuag Kimberly Chang, Hmong Today (Minneapolis, Minn.)
12. Ashahed Muhammad, The Final Call (Chicago, Ill.)
13. Roberto Lovato, New America Media (New York City, N. Y.)
14. Anthony Advincula, New America Media (New York City, N.Y.)

Look for Kimberly’s articles as she blogs her experience about the DNC from Denver this week. You can also catch a video stream from the DNC by New America Media Here.