Reflection on AMA videos

One thin I learned from the AMA videos that we  saw today is that 1200 people die daily due to smoke related problems. I also learned that the target kids and teenagers to buy there product. I learned that this nation is in need of knowledge about obesity and how to prevent it. Bi-cultural to me means all of the cultures come together and unite to do one thing or multiple things to get something out there to the people. it means people coming together not in violence but in peace. there can be people coming together to help each other and talk and bond and share our different cultures and to try new things together just because you are one ethnicity doesn’t mean that you can not take part in any other cultures traditions. if i was in the video i would of told them if they like to sell h=this product to kids and teens then they should sell the  poison to kids in there family and see how they like knowing the child could be in danger from it.


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