Step-Up Week 1 Day 1

I feel like I learned a lot on just the first day, especially how much of a social outcast I’ve become. We took a tour of our part of the building. It was hot but I think that most of us survived. We then did a reading and a math test. School just got out yet here we are testing. It wasn’t bad though. It was short and simple. Next, we were gathered together downstairs in one of the rooms for icebreaker activities. It was very awkward and being the introvert that I am, made it more awkward. After that, we went up to the computer lab to watch a video produced by one of our staff that was about finance. It was interesting


2 Replies to “Step-Up Week 1 Day 1”

  1. I like how you talked about what we did yesterday and how u were involved in things that you liked or didn’t liked and had honesty about how your day went.

  2. while I’m glad you learned a lot, I’m here to reassure you that things do get better as you learn more and get to know your coworker more. Everyone is always awkward on and during orientation so don’t feel too bad, and as for you being introverted maybe stepping out of your comfort zone will help you more than it can hurt you.


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