Step Up Week 1 Day 1

while it’s fun being back again for another summer I tend to always dislike orientation week be it work or school, because I am bored and maybe its the award atmosphere because not everyone is as close to each other as they will be next week or 8 weeks from now. All in all I think I like this group even if they are quite than the bunch from last year, i also think that we learn some pretty important things such as financial management which I wish I thought about before I blew my money. but I guess that something I could work on this summer.


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  1. I loooooove iiiiiiit but tell more about what you’ve learned and how did you blow your money away,but you can’t start a sentence with the word but. You don’t want to do this when you are typing because it will give off a bad impression. I’m only looking out for your best interest but stay happy and you’ll get through it even though it’s boring.


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