Step Up week 1 day 2

I accidentally misread my alarm clock or something in the way my brain translated forgot that trait of common sense I woke up extremely early (4 in the morning to be more specific) and couldn’t go back to bed so I decided on maybe having breakfast..there was a literal gulp of milk left thanks to leaving with siblings I didn’t feel like cooking anything (I just woke up why would I want too?) So I just made myself some hot cocoa and took a shower before leaving the house. Mind you that I live far from AMA as the result of me taking two buses then having to walk for 15 minutes at most I have no problem with the walk, its a nice time to be alone and collect yourself when your day starts but when you’re hungry and the walk is slightly less chill then normal when I got to AMA no one but Tie was in the room and I was 🙃 I later realized the I was an hour early An hour. Early. Though the day did pick up we were introduced to ‘icky Vick’ correct me if I’m wrong. She was an extremely chill and creative person who welcomed her roots with open arms, she had no problem answering questions and always came prepared she told my group interesting stories and gave wonderful advice. During the rest of the day, my group was taught the skills that we were assigned to do every day for the rest of the week. Today was also Alex’s birthday and his parents bought a marble cake that had a little too much frosting for my liking but I was still grateful for a piece is believe I even gave away a small piece to a girl that wanted more but the team got to it before she could😂 I honestly don’t regret joining Tie’s group nor Step Up this is a fun community that I’m super glad to be apart of 🙂


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