Step-Up week 1 ,day 2 (^_^*)

Today was actually pretty better than yesterday. Even though I had to run to work today it was all made up because of my group. I love being in Tie’s group it’s very fun and highly interesting. We met a person named Victoria she was very nice and gave very motivational speeches to my group which kind of brighten my day. Moreover,I made an amazing friend name JJ (heeeeeeeeeeey) she is like me we both have a very big common interest WE BOTH LIKE J.COLE (he is my favorite artist to exist) so that was a very important thing to me. I also surprisingly love my job task,I’m not going to flex but I thought it was going to be lame by the way Tie discribed it yesterday and I thought all of us were not going to get along as fast as we did. Furthermore I enjoyed the ice breakers that we did today it was fun and hope we get to do more of those but with different people. I had a very fantastic day today and also happy birthday Alex I hoped you had a great birthday.(╹◡╹)


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