Step Up week 1 day 3

Today was the day that the A team was preparing for, the first meeting about a youth-led event that consists many topics that the younger generation have to deal with. Before the meeting, I was a little stressed because I had an expectation that people in like fancy outfits and older adults would look down on us, but it was just normal working people who supported our voices and wanted us to speak out more. I was a little bored at first but when I got really into the discussion it got more interesting for me. We basically helped plan the outline of an event that was for youth. Before the meeting I got to work a little later then I wanted to because I slept in and forgot to remind people to sign in but the new kid came today! I asked him how his day went so far and he said it was good so that’s good? I just hope we have better food next week and that I friend more people. I actually like it here.



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  1. believe me we all had something like that in mind when we think of meetings, well just goes to show you that you learn new things all the time


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