Step Up Week 2- Day 3

Today Victoria was not here so we had a boring morning. We sat in the conference room and practiced our raps a little more and we are getting closer and closer to perform. after practicing our raps we talked more about the content that we wanted to put in the news letter and came up with a quick passage, 2 quotes and our interviews we did. After we did that we went to serve lunch because nezib was here early with lunch so we served lunch and ate lunch also. after lunch we went back to the conference room to conversate more about what we wanted in the news letter. The food was really good today, we had chicken tacos, they were really good. after we talked more about the news letter we just sat around and hung out until it was time to serve snack and after we served snack we left and now i get to see my mom (more emojis if i had them).


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