Hopewell Music School and the COVID-19 Pandemic

In January of this year, relating to the current pandemic, coronavirus, or COVID-19, and the will to keep learning music alive for Northside Minneapolis, Hopewell Music School raised $50,000 to stay open. Hopewell Music’s mission is to connect and empower the North Minneapolis community through high-quality music programming that is accessible to all, regardless of age, ability, background, or circumstance. Being one of the only music schools in Northside, dealing with a change in leadership whilst looking at their finances, the school asked for help. Thankfully, and with help from the community the school was able to keep its doors open. With the COVID-19 pandemic, Hopewell has kept engagement on preventing the spread of the virus. They are currently keeping a close eye on any new updates or news about the virus to continue to stay informed and to uphold a safe and supportive environment.

With that, everyone should make sure to keep up healthy habits and an open mind. Staying updated with any news about the virus, keeping themselves clean. When you wash your hands then wash them thoroughly, wearing face masks and gloves as a precaution, and maintaining your health. As COVID-19 takes advantage of weak immune systems. Be wary but do not let a virus define a group of people or race and definitely do not let a virus be a reason to commit crimes or hate towards a certain group of people or race.

North Minneapolis Music School Raised $50,000 To Stay Open

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