The firat day of Step up internship

Today wasnt really a good day from the start I forgot to get my bike lock from a friend so I had to walk the 2.5 miles from my house to AMA I also wasnt particularly happy about being placed here instead of Webber Park like I preffered, but there isnt always positives to everything. The first day here made me feel likw I was back in middle school with all the middle schoolers here. The childish activities we did also didnt help my outlook on what we’ll dp here. I’m dissappinted for the first day because there hasn’t been any actual work to be done.


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  1. Sorry to here that ALBY. I hope the rest of your day is better. There is another day to start. Everyday is the new day. But you kinda made some errors like the title. You made a typo and the word preferred is spelled wrong. so far, it’s pretty good and at least you were honest just don’t make all your post in a negative tone all the time. At least give out the positives! take care! .-.


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