Step-Up Week 4 Day 1

Today in graphic design we began working on our violence prevention postcards, which I finished my rough draft at about 2:45-ish. Lunch today was pretty good I don’t know what the sauce on the chicken patties was but it was pretty good. After our afternoon walk which was only the Graphic design team which during I had to run back to get a member of our team to join the walk, we went on to work hard and finish our assigned projects and add more detail to our projects which we considered “done”. Today in the lab we fought off an invasion of evasive flies which flew in from downstairs after people left the doors open all day, a lot of today was really slapping flies with whatever I could get my hands on. Overall today was a good day.


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  1. Glad to know that everything was up to your standards and you got work done, except for maybe the flies, keeping having good days.


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